The winery

Chai du Domaine de l'AuléeIn 2008, a new winery is built, answering the quality requirements in terms of storage, thermal insulation and health matters.

Harvesting, pressuring and wine growing :

With the two pneumatic presses, allowing a very gentle pressuring, the new winery presents both aspects of being convenient and respecting the grape.

New thermo regulated stainless steel tanks enable fermentations under very high conditions of protection and controlled temperatures.

A set of wooden tanks is reserved for very specific vintages.

Bottling, disgorging, and labeling :

These parts of the process are made in a separate space of the winery, also temperature controlled.

Dégorgement du vin


The storage room is especially dedicated to the wine growing on laths, where temperature is controlled and light adapted in order to preserve the quality of our wines.Stockage du vin au Château de l'Aulée

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